The DAB NOVA is a submersible pump suitable for dewatering requirements for clean or waste water, such as sump pumpouts, flooded areas, and drawing well water. Maximum solids up to 10mm can be pumped.  Parts and labour are covered by DAB 2 year pump warranty. Can be used on domestic liquids from 0 to 35 deg. Cel. or 0 to 50 deg. Cel. for other uses. 


The DAB NOVA drainage pumps feature:

  • a non-corrosive reinforced inert plastic body
  • a factory set built-in rigid float activated automatically to eliminate float cable failure
  • corrosion resistant stainless steel shaft and screws
  • longer repairable service life
  • ball bearings giving a longer service life and quieter operation
  • water entry to motor from seal area prevented by pressure equalised bearing chamber
  • longer seal and pump life due to ground rotor shaft with tripple lip seals in the oil chamber


Note: Pricing displayed only includes unit. It does not include shipping, installation, or any other associated cost. 

DAB NOVA 300A - Submersible Pump with Float

  • Pump kW HP Volts Max Head (m) Max Flow (lpm)
    DAB-NOVA180A 0.22 0.3 240 4.8 80
    DAB-NOVA200 0.22 0.3 240 6.6 200
    DAB-NOVA300A 0.22 0.3 240 6.8 217



    0.75 240 10.2 270
    DAB-VERTYNOVA400M 0.4 0.55 240 9 180