The DAB EUROINOX is a stainless steel surface mounted horizontal multistage pump suitable for domestic requirements for water supply and pressurisation, garden irrigation and general movement of water. The stainless steel pump casing can resist corrosion and water borne bacteria. This pump emits less noise compared to jet pumps, and with their unique self priming design are ideal for long suctions and large homes. Parts and labour are covered by DAB 2 year warranty. It is certified for drinking water purposes (AS/NZ 4020).


The Bianco iCON nXt Pro adjustable controller is included. This is a dual mode electronic pump controller which monitors both pressure and flow to automatically control the pump operation. It has two modes - Mode 1 allows the starting pressure to be adjusted and Mode 2 allows both starting and stopping pressure to be adjusted. Water backflow is prevented by an in-built check valve.  The controller has an LED display to  show real time system pressure, flow, and any warnings. It also has an IEC plug and play lead for the pump with an AX version with round 3 pin socket for the pump. 


The controller protects the pump from:

  1. failure of water supply (dry water tank) and restarts automatically on water restoration.
  2. seizing through lack of use, or frequent starts due to water leakage.


Note: When using the DAB Jetcom NXTP system, a pressure tank is recommended in mode 1. An additional pressure vessel is required in mode 2 for reliable operation.


Other single or tri mode controllers are available on request.


Bianco iCON nXt controllers combine innovative technology with proven designs to guarantee constant supply of pressurised water. They are tested in Australia and are perfect for supplying clean, non-volatile liquids clean from fibers and solids. 


Note: Pricing displayed only includes unit. It does not include shipping, installation, or any other associated cost. 


  • Pump kW HP Volts Max Head (m) Max Flow (lpm) Taps* Ports
    DAB-EUROINOX30/50NXTP 0.55 0.75 240 42.2 80 8

    1" BSPF In

    1" BSPM Out

    DAB-EUROINOX40/50NXTP 0.8 1.1 240 57.7 80 8 1" BSPF In1" BSPM Out
    DAB-EUROINOX40/80NXTP 1.0 1.36 240 59 120 12

    1" BSPF In

    1" BSPM Out